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Welcome to Futuraskolan International Gåshaga. We are a bilingual school with an international perspective offering Grades F-6. The foundation of our education is the Swedish National Curriculum which we in addition are utilizing with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The IPC stimulates our students’ curiosity, creativity, participation and commitment. Through thematic content and an integrated subject approach, students are provided with resources that allow for holistic learning.

In an increasingly globalized and challenging world, we believe that the knowledge of languages is essential. We therefore have extended the hours of our instruction in English. In our bilingual school, English is as important as Swedish and the students are taught by native Swedish and English speaking teachers. A third of the school’s staff are English speaking.

Futuraskolan’s values are based on Progressivity, Energy and Respect. Progressivity represents, among other things, that our pedagogy is based on scientific research and proven experience. We work actively to create a safe and creative learning environment where students and teachers have an open curiosity for learning to learn. At school we have a respectful relationship towards each other that creates a foundation for challenging oneself.

We see ICT as a way to boost learning through the use of digital tools. The students publish work at lidingo.futuraskolan.se where other students and parents can enjoy amazing stories and creative work. Our students work with programming which progresses from analogue programming to programming robots and working with the programming language Swift.

We have an active Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) which is an important part of the operation of the school. The group consists of parent representatives from each class. The group is advisory, not decisive in nature and works towards creating meaningful and developing co-operation between school and home.

At Futuraskolan International Gåshaga we have a vision:

“To be the best stepping stone for future world citizens.”

Contact us


Racheal-Ann Björk


+46 (0) 739-73 38 12

Vice Principal

Ferdie Sevilla


+46 (0) 767-23 30 29

School Administrator

Kathrine Abelson


+46 (0) 731-54 43 87

School Counsellor

Edith Lata


+46 (0) 733-03 68 27

After school activities (Fritids F-klass)


+46 (0) 721-65 28 57

After school activities (Fritids grade 1 to 4)


+46 (0) 707-76 57 70

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Värdshusvägen 3-5, 181 66 Lidingö

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What's for lunch?

Fredag - Vecka 21

Chicken Tikka Masala Serveras med ris
Vegetarisk Tikka Masala, med tofu. Serveras med ris

Torsdag - Vecka 21

Vegetarisk dag på East-Med tema Moussaka, falafel, hummus, orientbröd & tabouleh

Onsdag - Vecka 21

Veckans fångst, marinerad med citron & vitlök. Serveras med Sauce Vierge och kokt potatis
Italiensk Hirsbiff med Gremolata Serveras med Sauce Vierge och kokt potatis

Tisdag - Vecka 21

"Elevernas Val" Tacogratäng serveras med nachos & kalla såser
Vegetarisk Tacogratäng serveras med nachos & kalla såser

Måndag - Vecka 21

Creolsk gryta på strimlad nötkött & chorizo Serveras med ris och kryddig couscoussallad
Creolsk gryta på veg-bites, linser & baljväxter Serveras med ris och kryddig couscoussallad