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FSK Visit to a care home

We visited Servicehus Högsätra We sang Christmas songs, sat with and learned about the elderly, shared ginger biscuits and gave each resident a care package made up by each child. It was such a wonderful and inspiring morning.  

Talent Show!

What better way to end November than with a talent show?. Futura’s Got Talent was a great opportunity for the students in Fritids to show their skills in front of their teachers and friends. Despite the nervousness, they were all incredibly brave and talented. The audience was cheering up and encouraging their friends. We had […]

Christmas Crafts

Christmas is such a lovely, wonderful time of the year! People tend to be more kind and there is love and cookies smell in the air. Doing creative stuff really calms the soul.  Children during fritids had the opportunity to create beautiful Christmas crafts, which they really enjoyed.  

Fun with Science – Grade 5

If you want to know the difference between an atom and a molecule, you can ask our Grade 5 students. See the fantastic 3D models that they have been creating during our last NO lesson.

Nature Sciences Entry Point

“Naturen på vintern” Our students have been creating these bird feeders using recycled material. An interesting activity that you can do yourself following the instructions by watching this short video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8M88PdpNb2w  

Grade 5 Ecosystems

Our Pokémon animals are leaving Grade 5 classroom. They have been there since the students created them to study “Ecosystems services and human’s dependence” We will miss you Pikachu!!

Grade 6 Geometry

The students took the role of architects. They got an order from a municipality for a school building which would be 1200 square meters. They got to choose scaling, shape and sizes themselves, as well as how to distribute space for classrooms, lunch halls etc. Here is a student’s work two lessons in.

Math Games – Grade 5

Grade 5 working with decimal system and board games. A couple of lessons in and looking promising!  

Förskoleklass Outing

Every year förskola have an invitation to Hustagaholm to meet with the emergency service personnel. It’s a great opportunity to learn about what to do in a real life emergency such as the number to call and how we can help ourselves or others. The day was hands-on, providing opportunities to use the fire-hose, crawl […]

English: Förskoleklass – Guy Fawkes

Our class listened to the story of Guy Fawkes, learned the poem “remember, remember the 5th of November” and celebrated bonfire night with sparklers and marshmallow eating. Yum!